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Aug 22, 2014

The Specials and Coupons Newsletter - * Launch of our sponsored site: * Love Bunkai? Visit our sponsored site: * $5 off $50 purchase @ * Sell your gear at We have been hard at work here at, preparing for the launch of two websites meant to build community and knowledge between martial artists. See below! - Launch of our sponsored site: - We have many Wing Chun practicioners as customers, and this site is about sharing strategies and techniques. Use sequences to show counters and counters-to-counters. We appreciate any feedback you might have! Send comments to - Love Bunkai? Visit our sponsored site: - This site is for martial artists to share and research various Bunkai. Have you been taught to teach a certain application in your kata? Put your favorite bunkai online today. Use sequences to show an entire form's Bunkai. Open to all stylists, whether you practice Kata, Forms, Patterns, Hyung, Poomse - show us what you've got! Send feedback to - $5 off $50 purchase @ - Take $5 off of any purchase of $50 or more during the month of August. Simply enter coupon code PUNCH at checkout! Feel free to share it with your friends or training partners. - Sell your gear at - Have an item you have created for your own training? is starting a new program to offer YOUR goods on OUR store. We work with individuals and small companies to help them sell their martial arts related goods with having to open an eCommerce store of their own. Our first offerings include: Lightweight, Portable Board Holder - $64.99 Easy to cart to demo and teaching locations, or bolt it to your basement wall. Durable enough for serious breaking! Send an email to to discuss how we can help you sell your item!