How to buy a Wing Chun Dummy

Aug 22, 2014

A Wing Chun dummy is an excellent investment in your training. Before your Wing Chun dummy purchase, however, you should consider several factors: Freestanding Wing Chun Dummies vs Wall Mounted Wing Chun Dummies are available in Wall Mounted and Freestanding varieties. If you are renting a home or apartment, the freestanding wing chun dummy is probably right for you. With the proper amount of weight on the dummy's base, a freestanding Wing Chun dummy will not scoot across the floor while you train. If you own your home, you could either mount the freestanding Wing Chun dummy to the floor, or get a Wall Mounted Wing Chun dummy (with stand). The stand is used to keep the Wing Chun dummy at the proper height, secured, and at some distance from your wall. MAke sure your wall mounted Wing Chun dummy comes with a stand. PVC vs Wooden Wing Chun Dummies A second consideration with Wing Chun dummies is what materials it is made of. Many new varieties of Wing Chun Dummy are available in PVC, Steel, and even aluminum. For traditional Wing Chun practicioners, however, there is something lost except when training on a wooden Wing Chun Dummy. A PVC Wing Chun dummy might be lighter, but a wooden Wing Chun Dummy has an old world charm and traditional feel that cannot be matched by PVC. With wooden dummies available in exotic hardwoods and beautiful finishes, your wooden Wing Chun dummy can be an eye catching work of art in your home. Measurements Wooden dummies are available for a number of styles. There are JKD dummies for Jeet Kune Do practicioners, and also Choi La Fut and Hung Gar dummies for those arts. Each type of wooden dummy has slightly different measurements, though. If you are a Wing Chun practicioner, it is important to make sure you get a Wing Chun dummy that conforms to "traditional specifications". Most Wing Chun dummy retailers will specify that the traditional Mook Joong / Muk Jang specifications are used on their Wing Chun wooden dummy, but it is important to look out for. With a wooden Wing Chun dummy, you are also more likely to see adherence to the traditional specifications.