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Genuine Tokaido Ultimate Black Traditional Cut Karate Uniform

Tokaido Ultimate Karate Gi, made in Japan. Traditional Cut Black Uniform tokaido black gi

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1st kyu (aka 1st gup) syndrome

I enjoyed this weblog entry about 1st kyu (aka 1st gup) syndrome. As a past victim of this syndrome (with occasional flare ups), I only wish there was a foundation conducting research on the matter! 1st kyu (aka 1st gup) syndrome

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Variable Training System Wavemaster VTS

The Wavemaster VTS from Century is a revolutonary new Martial Arts training device. The VTS stands for Variable Training System, for its fexible design with punching and kicking targets adjustable to any angle: Wavemaster VTS from Century century wavermaster vts (Note: This is a legacy article from our old blog. The Wavemaster VTS is no longer available).

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