​Health Benefits of Martial Arts

Posted by Jim on 23rd Oct 2018

If you're looking for a fun way to stay fit, learn how to defend yourself, and achieve a healthy balance of mind and body, practicing martial arts may be for you! Many forms of martial arts, including … read more

Kung Fu: Basic Principles & History

29th Dec 2017

Historically, the term "Kung Fu" is not really featured in any ancient texts. It was first coined by a Frenchman named Jean Joseph Marie Amiot, a missionary who lived in the 18th Century, in reference … read more

Beating Stress with Martial Arts

Posted by Robert Jones, Master Instructor, The Academy of Kempo Martial Arts on 22nd Dec 2017

Are you a busy executive or mom trying to do everything? Are you getting so stressed out that it seems like youíre not accomplishing anything? If so, you can use martial arts to combat that stress! … read more

Is it real, or is is fake?

1st Dec 2017

Is it real, or possibly fake. You tell us. Krav Maga is known to be a very effective method of self defense, but we think there might be some "monkey business" going on here. From the youtube descr … read more