75 Year Old Karate Instructor Finalist

23rd Aug 2014

A 75 Year old karate instructor was named as one of 10 finalists for the energizer bunny awards. In our experience, it's the 75 year olds - with 50 years of experience pounding lower belts into sha … read more

Thugs chased off by Ninjas?!

23rd Aug 2014

An exchange student was saved from a vicious assault by students from a nearby "ninja school". From the article: "Ninjas scared off three thugs who had the misfortune to attack the 27-year-old medical … read more

Tokaido Uniform Labels: 3 choices

23rd Aug 2014

Tokaido Japan is now offering 3 different choices for labels. The Tokaido Karate Gi (uniforms) have long been available with the JKA logo on the label, as well as the Tokaido "Red Fist" Logo. ow, they … read more