Caring for Your Judo Gi

Posted by Staff on Feb 23, 2020

Judo uniforms come in various styles and designs. The type and embellishment on your judo gi depend largely on your skill level. However, keeping your uniform clean and in great condition doesn’t have … read more

Judo Documentary (transcribed!)

Posted by Staff on Feb 19, 2020

[Music]. Kano Jigoro, founded the martial art known around the world but many people don't know his name. They certainly recognize its name though and the powerfully elegant throws it employs. … read more

Why There Are Various Colors of Judo Gi Available

Posted by Staff on Feb 06, 2020

Judogi is the traditional judo uniform adopted in the late 19th century used for martial art training and competition. The judo uniform comprises cotton drawstring pants, a tunic, and a colored belt t … read more