Wing Chun Wooden Dummy, Freestanding (Mook Joong)

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Portable Wing Chun Dummy (Freestanding)

Traditional Muk Jong
This solid hand crafted Mook Jong is designed for the traditional wing chun practitioner. Dummy is 60" tall, with 9" diameter, and weighs 85 lbs. the spacing between upper arms and middle is 8.5 inch's, and mid arm to leg space is the same. leg is 3" by 3" thick. Dummy arm pegs are 2" by 1.5" much stronger than the standard 1.5" by 1.5".


    • The traditional muk jong has all the correct arm and leg proportions recomended by most sifu's.
    • This will ensure more effective results when training the traditional form, as well as drills.
    • This dummy includes our free stand.

      Modern Free Stand - included!


    The modern free stand is ideal when room space and portability are a factor. This base is 3ft. by 3ft. and comes with 4 octagon 3/4" space plates for a height adjustment of 3 inch's. Weight tray at the rear of stand can be weighed down with 70-100lbs. of sand, gravel, bricks, or metel weights. A 20 gallon rubbermaid storage bin fits perfectly in the weight tray to prevent damaging base. Shipping for this item is $90.00 flat rate anywhere inside the U.S.. Will also ship to Canada: contact us for rate quote.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review