Nunchakus for Coordination Show and Go

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Kenpo Master Herb Patus will show you 87 different variations with the Nunchakus. The curriculum taught here will guide the viewer with step by step instruction on how to master the Nunchakus from beginner through advanced.

Learn a multitude of intriguing techniques and moves not taught in traditional schools. From basic blocks and strikes to a variety of intricate wrist rolls, and everything in between, this DVD has it all!

This instructional Nunchakus DVD was produced with the latest in film technology. Nunchakus for Coordination Show and Go was shot and edited by former Disney Film Production personnel. The slow motion, close-ups, multi-camera angles, and special effects are guaranteed to enhance your learning and viewing pleasure.

The sound track for this production was designed and performed by Carl Evans Jr. who is the keyboardest for one of the nation's leading jazz bands, "Fatburger."

The ingredients of "Nunchakus for Coordination Show and Go" as taught by Master Instructor Herb Patus promises to provide the viewer with a real learning experience.

NTSC (US) format
PAL format is available in bulk sales only
Running time approx. 69 minutes.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review