Natural Finish Rectangular Hardwood Tonfa

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This is a great pair of tonfa: heavyweight hardwood, with a beautiful natural finish. When you get these spinning, they carry some power. Don't practice around your coffee table. Or at least take your glass to the kitchen first. Just trust us on this. The heavyweight tonfa will send shards of glass spectacularly across your carpet. Your light colored carpet. You'll spend hours trying to find and vacuum all of the pieces. And spoiler alert: You'll miss one.

Are you sure you don't want the foam Tonfa? Just maybe start with the black foam tonfa.

Martial Arts Mart's Okinawan kobudo weapon is a traditional karate weapon. This Okinawan tonfa is made of heavy hardwood with a natural finish. The Natural Rectangular Harwood Okinawan tonfa is approximately 20 inch long and sold as a pair(they mate for life).


(No reviews yet) Write a Review