Lightweight Board Holder - Holds your boards for breaking

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This sturdy but lightweight Board Holder is made from heavy duty aluminum. Boards are held securely into place for downward breaks. Helpers (even those with very little training) can hold the Board Holder against a wall for your horizontal or flying breaks. Mount the Board Holder to a wall for breaking practice on your own. Perfect your form at home, on your own time! Holds up to 6 boards (not included).

  • Offers more consistent results than boards held by hand
  • Extremely portable: Toss it in your backseat for your next demo!
  • Encourages safety: You will no longer have injured fingers from holding boards
  • Easy to adjust height
  • Versatile: Use it for either downward(hand, elbow, axe kick) or horizontal breaks(side kick, knifehand, etc.)
  • Quick reloading: No straps to mess with
  • Fits standard size wooden boards, rebreakable boards, etc.(Wooden boards cut to the correct size are highly recommended)
  • Encourages correct alignment of board grain for beginners.
  • Heavy Duty Construction

This product is hand-crafted by a martial artist, for martial artists. Have a martial arts training invention of your own? Need help selling it? We are looking for suppliers! Contact us at


(No reviews yet) Write a Review