Chinese Police Fighting Methods - Jing Quan Dao

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Chinese Police Fighting Methods
Also called Jing Quan Dao (Way of the Alert Fist). This highly effective method has been implemented by Chinese law enforcement and military as a practical means of self defense.

Volume 1: Shadowboxing (Void Strikes) Shadow Boxing (Void Strikes teaches you the basic building blocks for a combat fighter. Everything is broken down into simple, easy to learn training techniques. This video also outlines the structure of Jing Quan Dao, including the ranking system. (55 min.)

Volume 2: Iron Body and Power Meditation It teaches you how to cultivate your internal power-qi-to break bricks, boards and bottles with ease, and withstand tremendous blows to their bodies. This method is know as Iron Body and includes Iron Palm, Iron Head, Iron Fist, Iron Finger, Iron Forearm, Iron Elbow, Iron Knees, Iron Feet and more. (45 min.)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review