Chinese Kicking Series by Sifu Bruce Fontaine

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3 Volume Series.

Volume 1: Southern Style Kicking. Learn authentic Southern style kicking techniques & applications. Learn how to perform kicks like the no shadow kick, roundhouse nail kick, tiger tail kick- instep shovel kick & much more. Also learn safe warm up procedures. (50 min.)

Volume 2: Northern & Modern Kicking. Learn training methods & applications. Learn stretch kicks, crescent kicks, and spinning kicks, as well as sweeping takedown techniques. (45 min.)

Volume 3: Advanced Kicking Combinations & Conditioning. Learn spinning kicking combinations, multiple level kicking, and multiple direction kicking. Also learn advanced stretching methods & conditioning techniques like over splits, barre work, strength training for the legs, & much more. (38 min.)

All movies have the highest quality. Below are lower quality samples, optimized for faster download:
Southern Style Kicking
Northern & Modern Kicking
Advanced Kicking Combinations and Conditioning


(No reviews yet) Write a Review