Brain-Pad Pro + Plus

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Adult & Junior, Strap/non-Strap design mouthguard. New for 2004-05! New, cutting edge design incorporates the protective and performance- enhancing qualities of the original ultimate model with smoother, trimmer curves for a great fit. New, innovative 'strap/strapless-in-one' option for multi-sport use - Facemask, shoulder pads, or lanyard style attachment ! Patented design secures, stabilizes and cushions the jaw 'out of harms way', offering unmatched, TMJ / Brain Safety while protecting the lips, gums and covering ALL teeth. Designed to Fit Easily Over Braces. Allows increased, constant breathing - EVEN while clenching! Allows speaking. Recovers lost strength from TMJ Socket Damage (Activates: MAXIMUM MUSCULAR POTENTIAL!). Promotes healing in TMJ region. Comes in cool translucent clear (#14-200PP) or Black around gray (#14-210PP). Double-shot, dual thermoplastic manufacturing process.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review