Martial arts heroes in the news

Jan 06, 2019

There were a couple of great stories in the news last week, where well-trained martial artists fought off larger attackers to protect much smaller female victims.

Attempted Kidnapping
Cops say a would-be kidnapper chased a woman -- into a karate studio. That was a bad move... The karate instructor fought the man off, according to the story. When police arrived, he also fought them - and is shown in the accompanying video leaving in a stretcher. According to another story, the attack took place while parents were picking up kids from the karate class

Parking lot assault
Former MMA fighter protected a woman being assaulted. In this story, an ex-professional MMA fighter saw a woman being attacked in his club's parking lot. He immediately ran out and knocked the attacker to the ground. It's almost comical to see the signs of pummeling behind a column, followed by a lack of movement.

In both cases, the attackers were larger than the martial artists and were attacking women in parking lots. Neither of the attackers seemed to know their victims.