Judo Video From Youtube: Rick Young - Judo Turnovers & Strangles

Nov 27, 2020

[00:01:18.130] I welcome this, they can point to and me was a series and this keep we're going to cover best basic can, angles and legs, triangles. First thing we should point out is that you should be aware of the tax system. So if you can. That means that the person is giving you so much pain, especially if you strangled that if you if you don't let him know that you're going to go to Congress. This just happened a couple of times to me when people have haven't part and I haven't realized what's happening. [00:01:45.260] I have gone unconscious and vice versa. It seems to me I wait too long for a cat trying to let go with the technique and I've been unconscious. You have to draw a fine line. You don't want to be typing right away, but you don't always the dog will be talking to you or you won't be comfortable at all. So it's really important that you tap the person if you can. If you have a hand, we have the person as much as possible. [00:02:07.120] Your second best would be to tap for unfortunately, if you're not having evangelisation, then there's like 20 people in the matter what your body is going to go around and the person that you're practicing with may not hear tapping the floor. So, again, it's important to have the type of person a day your starting with the British Columbia Association. We thank him for Bernanke for the date. And we're going to start basically Davis between my legs are going to guard. [00:02:32.680] It's a good position for attacking and a simple reason to have more points to balance. And he he does when I'm on a back here like this out of one, two, three, if I use my head for five, six, these my shoulder seven and eight points off balance, I can work both. Basically Dave has two points. The balance that he uses has us four points. The balance when I'm drinking here and I'm gripping like this, a lot of people have gripped the lapel lapel with the right hand, which is a good grip. [00:03:02.440] But if you cross over and you go into this position, the cross grip is much, much stronger. That's why you have when you're on top and you know, when you're doing a was, you can only it can only keep this for two to three seconds. Now, when you have this grip, then you have a good opportunity for getting a triangle on. What we're going to do now is because these are up top here, it's hard for me to get a strangle like this. [00:03:25.360] OK, so what I want to do is either want to pull him down and in this position or I want it to be one of his his points to balance. That's unions, poor communities when he got his knees touching the floor. So when we go like this, well, did it help any team's legs away which will pull him forward? Now, this man is piling up in here and it wants to be going in his Koroit here. And I want to be Teckman Nuckolls and keep them inside like this. [00:03:52.360] This man will come in and other thing. And this is PAMA also who you see. I go as deep as I possibly can. I see DBS type. And, you know, again, if you keep this going on, then basically he's just going to go unconscious. OK, if you do this triangle correctly, then you want coffee, you want chalk A is something different. That's when you're cutting off the once the here's the play, something you got to make sure the two are strangling the top together, which is a good combination. [00:04:21.130] Maybe when we go in here, just hands in this hand goes up. Cool. And there we go. No, another way, another way you're going to do this is by taking kikkan this, this hand and keeping it here. Yeah. OK. And even it pushes the round and you're going to have deep underneath until the time comes and basically have a chalk here. Yeah. OK. Which means here. OK for good this week and appreciative. [00:04:49.420] Hey Penny here again. I might kick him out or we pull them forward. Whatever a history of his Pulecio putting me trying it so I'm going to do is pull his head out and move to this position. He's locked in here. This hand comes up and I've got a piece of chalk here. Yeah. Like that. No matter what, you might do it as if this hand is here. And all I do is a punch over and I start attacking like this and it's the same thing. [00:05:19.300] But this time I'm using matlab. I'm using this side of my body to cool. So I'm coming this week against the snake and doing the technique on here. What did your mother say? So again, I've grabbed in here and I just go over the top like this. When I grab here, I want to keep this nice and tight. I want to be right up here to win it over the top and a kick in. I want to push this no in. [00:05:45.310] Yeah. So keep it really tight. To me, that's a basic triangle like that. Obviously there are many, many others. If we're here like this and I've got loads of snot, these guys over in the middle of the station, I can wrap the guy around his head like this. So I've got the top. This man comes underneath pulling in. Excuse me a minute. There we go. It's hard to be lucky on this because it's you don't like the enemy, so we go if it's not this is not a over like this and it moves to here again. [00:06:21.020] It wouldn't exactly happen like that because people are going to be complaining and give me, you know, just move his head around like this. But just for teaching purposes is very important. Again, when you're practicing strangles practice and makes you slowly don't give your partner too much pain. But what you want to do is like do a few times to relax, let them take a shower and then you go back and forward. So anyway, when we're here, I may have kicked his leg out of drawing down here and I pull this over. [00:06:46.310] This hands here goes underneath my knees strangle. OK, no problem. So again, to review people, one hands up and you go, boom, that's their first triangle. His head goes around the room and the cushion in your hand comes up second strangle. Yeah. OK, when we when we come coolamon here or pull them in this way we kick the leg out over the top. That's third of like this. You're using your to go in there. [00:07:19.400] Yeah. You're really pushing in with your lap. The the last triangle was one that actually I don't use that much but it can happen is when a pointer here and I move the hand and say boom, that's when you blow, it gives you guys know if they've got a competition beyond which means it's a takeoff is very difficult to get. That last and that last angle is worth knowing. Now, what we're going to do is when I come in here, I'm going to take this grip, OK? [00:07:47.570] And I'm going to kick this leg out and I'm going to go over some things in this position to prevent myself from going to strangle company. Tumbi over. OK, now, if you remember the Kashiwazaki from the whole Dome series, which I'm sure you've already you've seen, and we're going to punch this over here and keep a grip like this, OK, that was the first one. But this time you have the hand already inserted for the scandal and this is over. [00:08:11.000] Yeah, OK. Now what we want to do here is I'm just going to because of the pressure neck on his on his carotid and because of the pressure on Kildonan, I'm going to flip them over and allow in this position. And you still have landed in tache. You get out of here. Yeah, I don't want to keep it nice and tight and it just cula em. Yeah. OK, so we'll do that again. So when we're here, if I go in above the right handed a kick out of his right leg, I go over the top, ok, I keep this nice and tight. [00:08:46.490] Well what you do is pull and pull in and try and get as much of a stand as I can and then we come over and move into this position and keep it on here. No, if the land in this position here, which could be if I could land in this position here like this, I wonder if, you know, D might not have happened. Yeah. OK, so I've got my hand in this position obviously while they watch for us, his hands coming around, it's going to through your skin. [00:09:16.220] So I must keep a good base. So I keep my base here. I want to just put my arm across his throat like this at the same time I'm going to go down and keep tightening. I'm like in a video when you come here, I come underneath, pick us up, bang and catch like that. OK, so again, I have this in place. Keep this hand comes under. Yeah. Underneath his head like this. No Khedive doesn't let me see if he's really been taken. [00:09:48.890] I'll take the other opening which is here. Yeah. OK, I'll take a like that. So. Yeah but he's betwixt and between. If he doesn't if I can get underneath his head and he's all the pressure and a while when just press down, press my hips, don't kiss my chest, don't find there we go is in trouble. If that doesn't work and I came go under here. Yeah. OK, well this will take my hand and I'll punch over here. [00:10:15.470] I'll keep this because this is the one hand on the street, the other big one will be the same time when I'm going to do this or keep my thumb is in like this, you're OK and I'm going to go down top and keep really tight to. So really want to keep them, keep them near as we've seen before. If you don't have the position here, you will be OK if you aren't able to pin the person. So you must have the sensitivity. [00:10:39.500] But he's not going to let me do this. Obviously he's going to be moving. But as he's moving, I'll be cool with him. OK, but I want to make sure when I go into a drop and then keep this on. Yeah, OK. So put this as you can here in there, because I went across the school at the same time, very point strangled. Very, very good. Again, remember, I can't remember that when you're doing these things to be man to a boy cat the person is. [00:11:07.600] It is possible your resistance to straggles will grow, but you don't want to play around with them too much just in case you go unconscious. We've seen attacks from underneath, so we know that when you're underneath the person, that you can attack him and you can cause all sorts of problems as well as turning them over. Now, if you can get to the person's back, it's an even better position. He's vulnerable because he's not facing you. And it's very difficult for the attackers to escape before he attacks. [00:11:38.000] So, you know, a really good position for she was strangled and strangulation. So when we're here, I just shoot first a divas like this. First of all, what you want to do. You basically want to scream for help. Yeah. Which will cool you in your position if it's to slug you. You've got to pick up the slack when you're doing this triangle and you might not have a position to do that. So you want to pick up the slack first. [00:12:01.370] A cushion is there and then grab and you see that my arm is going to conform to the shape of the straw. Yeah, I don't want to make it just like an iron bar here. Just cooling like this is ridiculous. You know, I think you're just kind of moving your way through it. It might work and it might not be technical. Yeah. So when I go here, I can form in the shape of this through an appearance. [00:12:22.640] It's really important. You got like a flexible wrist here. OK, so this is in this position here. Now, when we go in here like this, this other hand is going to come through and is going to pull the lapel down. Now, in this position, I to have my head nice and tight and just looking around. And that's the thing. I don't want to be put on Dave and his neck because my feeling partner, I don't want to hurt my wallet with me all the time. [00:12:46.380] Yeah. So when you do this, you've only practiced it again, then prepare for things to happen. OK, so I push this down. Could this through, grabbed a little help, keep my hand on the table and gently and gently go on like this. Yeah, obviously same. Another thing you pull down and then it conforms to the shape of his throat. Again, if you're here, it's like an iron bar going across and it began going away. [00:13:13.910] And you might you might not. But you are in a state of like, you know, techniques that you push this to really keep on this thought. This can cause injury comes in and it cools down on the lapel. I want to keep as close to them as a can of cool round. Yeah, it's difficult going and looking for this, you know, if these are all forceable like this. Well, when it does begin and begin my attacks, one way to do is to receive training from all deveson, all force. [00:13:42.480] So it's a no. You see the ground. I've already grabbed his lapel and I'm kind. Oh yeah. If I just grab it. No, there's too much slack in it. So actually lapel dome and a team up here and I get my hand up as far as I can around his neck. On the other hand here will grab other lapel. And as we did in the demonstration before, I'm going to pull here. No, and this position is kind of hard for me just to keep doing this. [00:14:08.540] So I'm going to do something to put my hip uncooperative shoulder. Yeah. Like this, which is an amicus triangle, strangle excellence. Kind of really good if can get this is one of the hero Yamashita's who's 203 matches undefeated all Japan champion world and Olympic champion, probably the best player ever. He did this a lot for a heavyweight. That's unusual for something of the size of a big in their hands. But he was absolutely fantastic at this in the transition between country was anyone's opinion from the throw to the groundwork. [00:14:41.870] He was an indoor person immediately. OK, so we want you want to look to is a dream. So when we go in here again, as I put my hand around the ground and he doesn't feel threatened yet, you know, he doesn't feel threatened, at least bit predictable, the commissary, actually. So he doesn't feel threatened because I'm only pulling on this. But this punches through. And I grabbed on the other hand. No wrong. [00:15:06.260] No, no. I'm going to do something to help some people lift their hips. I prefer to drop my hips on top of them. So when I'm here. There we go. No, sometimes what happens is once I get this position here, Dave Lewis was coming down with his right hand. He pulls this overall. Yeah. He's trying to pull me down. So what I'll do is I'll grab this and I'm going to take this and do what they call the coaches. [00:15:27.680] I'm going to put deep in the mouth like this and it move. And again, my head my hip is on top of them. You see, their caps is really difficult from the top. So the next very interesting part of his feet. So again, this is called Cochimi. Yeah. OK, so basically, again, the same thing are pulling grabbing here. I think these are clueless in nice and tight. I keep on them and I'm going to kneel on the floor. [00:15:53.450] Yeah. OK, so generally speaking, when you really push into the floor, boom, keep this in for another side. So when we go in here, keep it nice and tight. Hand goes through this hand goes in and actually be one of his points, the balance here, here. So it's already beginning to go down and I want to push him down. Kneeling on the floor here was a very. Thank you. I got the basics triangle. [00:16:23.080] Now, one other thing that can happen here on a one of a kind of a thing that can happen here is that when we go in here, it's different. So anyway, so he's trying to get for himself here. OK, so I'm going to put my hand here. I'm going to pull his legal I'm going to put my elbow into his and the crease of his hip here, OK? Now, I know you're thinking you're going to see well, see, I can see his leg straight and then they'll move to here anyway. [00:16:50.340] And I would use this as a fulcrum. I just need to feel close to me. The scandal one will be the hand is already in, another will be the hand or another part of my body that I can use to stop his body from moving. And in this case, if the if the leg is here, I'll take this and I'll put my elbow in here. Excellent. You know, to make it really work. A third fulcrums going to come into place, which would be my left hip and I what is a drag his head to his knee. [00:17:18.110] OK, in this case, I don't have to do that. I just couldn't hear. Yeah, that's a basic strangle there. The least I can do right here. This goes in a game. I'm thinking here and it could be doing anything. I could be good for the can within the first year. I could be trying to turn them over a shift in and going for the strangle. They realized this was happening. I'm trying for the kid. [00:17:42.630] If you a trying for the coaches, you mean he drops them because flat boom. OK, so you've got this position now I'm going to grab this stuff and keep my elbow in tight here. Yeah, I'm going to put my head on top, which creates a real, real bad position for him. And if I don't have this hand here, OK, and that turn my turn on his back and he'll face me in the guard or whatever, you know. [00:18:07.950] OK, so I want to have the other the other position there when I'm here, on the other hand, here as a pilgrim to stop him from doing that. Yeah. OK, so that's that's a basics here. We are attacking now again from this position. Sometimes you'll have your hand in and there'll be a space here. So I'm going to do is I'm going to put my foot in here and I'm going to rule. This is made famous by Nigel Donehue from Manchester, England. [00:18:35.070] Really, really good. And he was excellent. He was a player and usually it was done in the transition between tachy myself or a runner up top. And he was I mean, the past MCCRANE through the midfield, he would still have his hand in. I think he would pop through again. He never invented the technique, but he made it popular again. So when we're when we're in here, if you get your hand in here and you feel a space here, it just me feel right. [00:19:00.750] Sometimes the knee was not even thinking. You just you just explored you explode through the person. You puke here. And most people go through the space. Yeah. No, my hand is going to go through the space here. Yeah. My head is going to go through this space. OK, so again I make a move here one I'm at the same I feel an opening. I take this and I'm beginning to roll already. Yeah, OK. [00:19:24.930] And as a rule I put my knee behind his head and I'll grab the arm. Yeah, OK. But you can see that I've got a few complaints we're talking about on I'm keeping DBS. I'm released in Australia right now because I'm comfortable. I'm keeping these body tight. I'm grabbing his arm. That's another point you balance and a pin machine and the back of his head, which gives me the strangle. OK, no. Another thing you could do, obviously, is to shoot an ankle, foot the bill for the court, for the umpire as well. [00:19:56.580] We'll look into that other team. Thank you. So, again, when we're here, I've gone in and may have been from the front of a car from the front. And I moved to this position of this position here. I'm going to kick through. Yeah, OK. Now again. And the balls up. If you if you really stay here, there's no way. It's just not going to happen. I'm going to get so happy, start fighting for something else like the Kushima or whatever. [00:20:20.490] Yeah. So you have to can you play between what the person is giving you and what you've got. So when we're here like this, I've got this triangle on, I've got to open it and I'm moving around here. So when a ruling in this position here, I want you to grab grab this and improve on the machine in the back his head and have the triangle nice and tight and generally cool one. OK, let's see. DBS and orgo, it's just not funny. [00:20:48.720] Is just not going to go. He's not happened yet and strangles no one properly. I've still got a hold of his arm. Don't move in together. You get down here in this position also you have to. Yeah. Yeah I can see that's, that's a whole nother area. Yeah. So anyway what happens now is c, d, d why is this move. He knows, he knows what's going to happen so soon as I step over a. [00:21:19.810] If one of those killed, OK, we go back to the testimony before a horrendous machine in the back of his head. Thank you. And Jessica, guillotining on the spot. OK, so this means I'm in here and I'm going to the door. You these are good. He was excellent. He was a player. He already knows what's happening. So he plans, which is what's going to happen now. So I just take this a grab another Peukan. [00:21:48.680] OK, put this one head on about. I must strangled. OK, you know, we've been attacked from underneath, we've been attacked from the back and from the scene, we're going to go from the scene again and just a little bit different, and then we're going to go from the front. It's one thing to begin the three variations on it. And as we've seen, in many ways, it's like a chess match. He makes one move, you make another. [00:22:21.680] And this is a complete novice. You want get everything going on every time. When you go up against something that's more your level or a little bit more experience, you have to start using the physics counters and people and be prepared to like shift your game plan in the middle of what you're doing. And that's basically what you're doing here. So, again, when you go in here, this is like this. Somebody put my hand through and I'm going to grab the gear like this. [00:22:44.570] You know, this whole train came up first, you know, but through this way, I can get quite as tame as we did in those other ones so I can get my hand right up here. It's very, very difficult. And so what you do is I went to the other hand, I'm going to put on top here and slide it down into this neck. And so when things don't go like this, I'm fighting through and I get my hand and things like this, this other hand goes through, you know, a different experience, which obviously is not I'll be working to strangle really simple that easy. [00:23:16.130] I wish it was that easy all the time. Unfortunately, it's not so. And experienced player certainly knows what they're doing. Mike Ball up here to try and get all of it teams pulled up here. So it's really, really hard for me to get that some really trying to come get. So I still have the strangle, I just don't have the position on it. I said, well, what you do is change the position, which means I want to turn Dave on his back. [00:23:37.010] Yeah. So what we need is somebody coming toward me. So the hand is underneath will really be whipping towards him and I'll be turning him on his back like the neck. And if you turn over there later on, you're moving in a circular movement. So when I go under here, grab it, grab the lapel, put toward me at the same time. This is returning to. So what I want to do is applaud your pressure on Dave. [00:23:59.330] So when I release the pool hall and a London tour. Yeah. And I've got this kind of week. Thanks, Steve. So we'll go in a bit one here to Fatalist, if I can. I will take this up. But sometimes it's not possible because it does take the longest I can get a cheap pressure on them because if I give him any space, you might just click on his back and put him in between his legs. He's got me here. [00:24:26.420] And I mean, I can be in serious trouble. So when we're here, I want to keep tight to him all the time. So if he does turn, he's going to turn into position. I want him. We turn and so I'm in charge. So when we go in here, grab like this. Good people, good position. Yeah, OK, I'm like, we'll be finishings is going to be hard to finish up from here. [00:24:45.590] And what is. Move over. Yeah, I've got this position, stronger position now and I've got the strength, I know again what happens sometimes because it's a good move by the player, because he won't fall for that. He knows I'm trying to and turn I'm not where he doesn't fall for the first triangle the second time, you know, somebody's trying to turn them away. So I have to use something else so they could sort of it. [00:25:08.570] Thanks for being here. And he goes down and I've got my hand in and I try and pull them that way. But it doesn't work. He already knows what's happening. So to understands the game, he knows that I'm trying to strangle him. He knows that one of my options is to take him to to go over here about forty pain. So what I want to do is take him back the way I have the stronger one here. Yeah, we're almost gone and I've got loads of pressure on DB. [00:25:33.170] So he's like a spring. Yeah, he's been pushed down and he's ready to explode back up. He wants to explode back up on his terms, but I want him to explode back up. And my chance to when I come in here and I push this one will do is keep losing pressure. I'm going to keep this leg through. Yeah. When I kick this leg, my shoulder off, it's going to create space for I'm going to throw deep into the throw even in that space. [00:25:55.880] I'm very tired. I'm going to kneel. I'm on the spot hopefully. So let's see what happens when you go here. I'm kneeling Dave. Here I come under and I love you and a move up. So I'm in the same position. We started back and I got the stangl here. Yeah. So again, we're in here. But this hand in a pushing it here, I grabbed it here, pushing it nice and tight, kneeling on the spot. [00:26:25.670] I can't move on this way. I can strangle him from this position for release. My hand's going to have to start all over again and I've lost the strength of my position. So keep this in here. Keep really talented. I'm moving and I want to keep taking them all the time to move in my room here and move over scandals. OK, yeah. OK. Thanks, Steve. Oh that's another option. Thank you. So it goes down again here. [00:26:56.360] Another option have it's just a rule to the front. Yes. It's more like a kamikaze almost type of thing because if it feels it can be on top of you but it's just a few nuni whatever you can something or if you're just playing around you can try things. If you get caught. It doesn't really matter with this. If you have this triangle, it's a good chance you're going to get the same thing. If you don't, if you're not quite sure, it's more difficult to cool off. [00:27:22.610] So people in your position again so you could come up. If you remember, hand position is like this. I get the deep. Is the card very important? I get this hand across the caller. Yeah. OK, I'm going down, I'm trying to, I've tried to strangle on the spot. Hasn't happened, I've tried to pull them across, hasn't happened and I've tried to pull them back. But he knows that one. So what I do is a rule any day. [00:27:47.660] Yeah. OK, now when a rule in when he pushes his head through his legs toward his legs, as it does that you rule over the scene position. I have described it. I have it here even stronger if I roll up and going to depart. So so again, we're in here. I have this position. I'm pulling Dave. I'm on top of him. Kick his first game. He wants a clear warning of what to do. [00:28:18.650] But I just to make a ball movement, I've got a stranglehold, almost an attorney and a rule and machine over the course. OK, no, Dave in this position can turn on me. So if he turns off then so I got watch what I'm doing here. Let me keep a strong one. And as soon as I hit this, that was not on. [00:28:42.170] Full of complete strangers. OK, we're going to do one hand triangle from the front, which we call little control, which is very similar to the rule book. And Will O'Connor was one of the 1964 Olympics. The Japanese were absolutely phenomenal. And he was a first timer, unbelievable new ones. And he did this role. I mean, he did it and they stormed through to the Japanese crowd looking and thinking he had actually been penny. But what it was doing, it kind of kamikaze technique and it was do or die. [00:29:12.680] And he actually had the person unconscious while he was getting. We're going to go through a full roll on the little thing. So when we go here like this again, I grab and this position grab the key here. This is in front of me like this. So when he's here are grabbing like this and this hand here is going to go through and on top of Dave's head. So when we go like this, because we have got my hand inside this hand here, it's going to go through and on top of Dave's head like this, my head is going to go through the space. [00:29:46.840] So it's building. And so when we go here like this here, I got this and I'm going to go through no again histamines. This is like a bulldog here that he's balled up. Well, just put my hand here and just try and be some kind of scandal. So it's not going to happen if they don't give me any space. So when you go in here, if Dave has given me space, it's something of a split second to get away with it or to get the technique in. [00:30:12.230] I want to move in here. So as I move through, I keep rolling. Yeah. So from here, what I'm doing is I'm going to strangle alone, but I won't get it from here. So put it to myself up and put myself in a key to Dave like this. So I'm in a key position to Dave and I'll put a stranglehold festival because it just won't happen again. Thanks so much for listening. OK, and here the hand goes in. [00:30:41.420] His hand goes through. Roll them over to. We've got the scandal. Yeah, that's called the kind of rules. My favorite. One of the most popular things of becoming a martial artist the last couple of years has grown groundbreaking, obviously because of the Gracies and the Brazilian jiu jitsu specialist, the triangle or the leg and the legs cango has been very popular. A lot of people are using it and a lot of use of the back. But you can use a bunch of different positions. [00:31:20.310] And it's been in general for a long, long time if you're going a digital player. I was very lucky. I can talk to Mark Preston, Billy Kuzak and Itochu and I can be sure to you some variations. But the basic premise is the same. If you wrap your legs around like this, you have one leg straight across the neck and you have one leg curling to create pressure and have your knees squeezed together. If you have that, there's a good chance you're going to get the you're going to get a strangle. [00:31:46.140] There's pros and cons to lecturing on one pro. Is that, like, your legs are much stronger than your arms. So if you get on, it's going to be a really, really tight strangle the Kornet because they don't see it as if you with legs, you've not got the dexterity with your hands up. So if you have your hand and you can, can you move around and you can get in Europe and then you can you can you can feel you around with your legs, it's a little bit more difficult. [00:32:11.040] That notwithstanding, you can still be absolutely lethal. And even if it's an cappuccino's or legs, aren't you a thing? You should still practice them because you can also pack with them and you can frequent them. So if he's afraid of your legs dangle, I just see the next day you might get an arm or if he's afraid of the leg, strangle you make a strangle one scandal. If you're afraid of the same guy, you might turn into a. [00:32:35.160] So even if they're not particularly your thing, you can still score because of them. So it's good to get used to get familiar with them. OK, I'm going to walk off my bike first. No shortage is trying to get past my legs, but this is basically what he's trying to do this year. He's lifted up and he's trying to get past his Kishwar thing and that's his aim. He wants to get past. This is a bad position for him, as we all know. [00:32:59.550] Yeah. So what happens is when he's here and he lifts up a switch, my hips. Yeah. So when you move away, so take the pressure off myself and Dave's power line is gone. When I'm done that, I'm going to switch my hips back and I'm going to put my leg across his neck when of course, his neck, my other friend is going to hand Gintama to the Lakers, of course, his knee, and I'm going to pull him and scandal and also want to pull his arm across diagonally across his body. [00:33:26.670] Yeah. So once we're in this position, I'm going to move in here. Yeah. Once I'm here, I want to cool the style across nice and tight. Put my leg, rest of the leg is going to switch on and I could use my hand to pull it. Move movement here and we have the basics. Yeah. OK, it's very important. We have the leg, there's kind of cross his head actually on his knee because it is across his body. [00:33:52.800] It's not going to happen. You still might be getting a little uncomfortable for him. It's going to be OK. It's not going to happen. And eventually we've got a little bit you know, you obviously don't want to. So when he's here, OK, and he lifts up a switch right away to compensate, very, very important. Yeah. OK, I'm going to switch my leg. No move here, coulis. Don't do it one more time. [00:34:17.130] Difference comes in the game with the crew and the bank can't just strangle. Obviously if you can do from that position, there are other positions you can do it from. Yeah. So these are all fours here, as I said, have been taught this of a lot of different people and it's slightly different ways. Hidetoshi can easily was a world champion. He told me, grab the bill, she's heading to the end of the mark and drag him along the mat, which and you can your partner space. [00:34:47.160] So I don't think you should be doing that all the time. Yeah, are really very much. But when you do this, you do want to keep on nice and type you. So this is when the caller is pushing deep space and this hands on the bell is keeping it nice and tight here. I wouldn't need to go into the side of his head. I want the food to come in here. So when he joined up like this, which creates a triangle here. [00:35:10.860] So it's very important that these two positions together so that the hand put on the head, the hand of the bill pushing money into the side of food and in this scene. And it's an amazing package. So if you want a dragon. Yeah, no, I would really going hard, obviously, if we don't do that of released this hand and a pool in the Philippines and up here you can see I'm in time. No one likes this permanent initialised when you grab the guy. [00:35:39.270] Yeah, OK. When you're like this here, you want to turn and push the pressure don't you. How many people pull like this? But there's a lot of slack. If you try to put the pressure here diagonally across the back, it's much, much stronger. Yeah. At the same time my knees are together and a left up here. So keep this nice and tight. I'm just going to roll on my side now we catch. That you're looking at the same time this hand was punched through what he does, and when he grabbed his arm across here, I'm going to grab his knee and take his hand off. [00:36:17.460] Yeah, palm down. But I've done this. This is the only thing that will open the legs, the front from the beginning sequence to to the end. When I come here, I grab, you know, and I kick the ball through and it has to be underneath his neck. Pull this through and my leg and I squeeze my knees together like this now. Then at the same time I also turn we have an walk it when I walk in this neighborhood, that layer. [00:36:46.400] But basically that's the position of. So we do that again. OK, so over here we've got this position. I drive deal forward and a run in here, OK, and I can really take a turn my hand here, keep this nice and tight to this window and grab a condom over and part his arm. This time no exchanges push this over and pull his belt over. And I have no if he releases this hand here, they're not pulling an umbilical cord. [00:37:24.340] Yeah. So he's betwixt and between. If he releases that, I'm OK. If it keeps it here, just take off and keep it take off. As I said, this is the only time I would open my legs from the start to the end. I'm going to grab his arm here. I'm going to grab his arm looking like a broken leg is going to underneath. Yeah. Like this. Yeah, just underneath here. I'm going to turn and put the leg as close as it can possibly get to the inside of my body. [00:37:54.370] Yeah. And I'm going to turn my head like this. I turn my head because I just the leg in the bottom two toward here. Yeah. I need a squeeze my knees together. He's having hospital baby. That's what can be proven wrong. I just squeeze. What do you that makes him. Yeah I can't. It's very difficult because the people in the leg underneath has his back. It just doesn't happen. It's still going to go do one more thing. [00:38:20.140] Yeah. OK, so when we go in here for Brad, you push them nice and tight. The knee is going green here and the food is going to come in and it's done on one big motion and obviously don't want to bang your panel. And I'm in here. Yeah, approvement, it's nice and tight. And I just got this. So many anaesthetic Pikachu, a punch up and I go here. Yeah, OK. Like this. [00:38:44.410] We'll just leave over here. We're like this. So when I go here, push this here. It's nice to meet the triangle superhumanly up together down here. You see, I need a roll. The more catches on the punch couche turn over grab kind of come up and split my hips. Move up again. Kind of, yeah. That's from the front position. He knows what's going to happen sometimes is a good, strong you as a player, as Davis. [00:39:17.220] So sometimes what happens is you can get that, as I've seen before. And he once has a chance. Can you make a move? He makes a move to control that. And then you become so sometimes you're thinking two, three, four moves ahead, maybe more. And at the same time, you want to make sure that you have something that is going in your hand so you can adjust your position. So there's a point of diminishing returns here, but you're trying to move and it's just not happening. [00:39:40.260] So forget switching to something else. Not going to happen here when I come in here, gives experience. He knows somebody trying to move against me, so he finds out. Very good. Yeah. I'm going to you know, if I'm going to switch hands, I'm going to grab and I'm going to kill them the other way, the opposite way from the way we were gonna go. So once I do that, I'm going to roll over and keep my foot. [00:40:04.860] I'm going to try to scramble here, OK, like this. I know something that works and sometimes it doesn't. So I just let's just say it's not working. It just the game. Look, cool this thing off as much as it can be here. We'll keep cool and keep going. Keep going until your position and move the ball back and keep rolling them and cool under. I'll catch your coolness toward, you know, catch this arm punches through cut and you're over. [00:40:34.500] And no, I have to adjust the length but this is a little bit adjust here and it's kind of goes on. So we'll go get this one. Come in. I'm trying to do this. He finds a ground punch through over a move here, just trying to form a move to here. What would you pull it up as much as it can pull anything? Right. I'm going to strangle cure a ruling over the ruling over again. I'm in this position. [00:41:05.460] Clinches Walker pull over final ruling trying to get the Lakers underneath again across Gulistan and vertical. No, if this is even stronger, even stronger than he was, a player is very good. Knows what he's doing is Orlando. And I can get I'm going that way. So I'm going to do I'm going to try and turn him over with his legs here. Sometimes if you're up against a very experienced player behavior, this is a little bit harder. [00:41:38.190] But what about showing him it so you can see what I saw when we're here, we go through this team position. They don't just throw it do. That's so outrageous. So when it got here, I try to stay warm. It doesn't work. Yeah. So keep it here and not in this position. Well, what do you do? This is a travel ban, it seems like stopping you from moving toward this week. Yeah. OK, well when he is grabbed his head or grab his legs and turn them around my body, OK? [00:42:15.070] And met plenty of media change again, and, of course, his other arm. Yeah, take off the hand, take anything I can get kind of finished the I'm pushing through. There we go. So again, Ovidiu, again, remember what is significant and very important, again, because the militants, you grabbed my leg and turned me over, who can move me over? You'll know who you are. So I must be aware of that. [00:42:46.080] I've got to be aware that she can attack me at all times. So when I do, I'm in his position. It's a golden opportunity. You don't want to push him into the knee? Yeah, she's planning a change hands, remember, and go diagonally across his back. Very important to her. You're right. Move them over to the Senate. Took her over to. OK, fantastic. What we have now is three variations from one position, and that's when you're attacking the person on all fours over the drop and have gone flat. [00:43:22.150] And the first variation with the basic thing I you went over the major points, which are the way you turn the person over and on the bill goes at a 45 Palmach. You take on the knees. The knee is connected to the heel, the hand is through the other arm pulling up in turnover. You keep really tight to them. It's very, very important that you get your leg, the bottom leg underneath his neck and not underneath his back. [00:43:48.430] Otherwise, it just won't work when it's there. You tie that his arm off if he leaves his arm free and simple is that if if the arm is taking off in a manner we should, that's fantastic. You've taken every one of his points off balance. Once you have that, you open your eyes, open up, your going to grab hold of his arms. There's no one who shouldn't be able to escape. You pull him and cross your legs, split your hips, squeeze your knees together. [00:44:14.060] Very important, obviously. Remember that. Always squeeze your knees. Going to do things like that and and then turn your legs up and you should have a cap, hopefully. And so we know what we're going to do is attack from the back. OK, so when this if you're in this position, I come underneath and I kick his arm like this. Yeah. One foot took his arm. I'm going to put money in his head. So once again, when I come here and you can see it's basically the same position we had. [00:44:45.010] I'm just he can, you know, have taken his arm like this and this position, I can push time off here over who had a basically quite fixed term. And we've got this thing going on, so again, we are from the back of your tank, from the back, a ground, pull this arm up and left golf tournaments, all the him off here if I can. If you can't, that's fine. You still want to kick them over? [00:45:19.220] I keep my mahealani together, roll them over, switch my legs once I switch my legs here, open up a grab for us to get through. Good to hear, but really important. Squeeze your knees together and it feel very, very important. One more time like this, what do we do? We're going to take this away week that will have taken a week, as you know, from the earlier part of the team, you really have a triangle here. [00:45:52.210] Yeah, a variation on a lot of different angles. So you can you can go for that also. But for now, we're looking at a particular spot. OK, so here we have a pool in a move to this position of rule to catch it. And you have this thing that because, you know, we're going to put another generation of sand got in here, which I think is better from this angle, so you can live with it. [00:46:19.440] Thank you. So when we're here, what would you do? I'm gonna go in and attack. These are I'm going to go in for the strangle, OK? And I'm gonna turn them over. So the left leg is going to be in here. My right leg is going to be inside and flicking deep over you. OK, at the same time, DB is not going to be rolling his back and I'm going to be behind them attempting to strangle. [00:46:43.380] So when we do this, I come and you know, it's going to be a three point movement. OK, now when my left leg goes in, the American League will be here, my left leg will be going over. So when the call is a three point turn, I am with my leg. My right hand attacked his arm and my left hand. A tax for this kind with three things to worry about. He's going to get turned over. [00:47:07.470] He's going to get strangled. And he's having one of his points. He was taken away from him. So we wonder why we're here. No. And this position, what Dave has to worry about is first and foremost is this scandal is going on here. Now, he's worried about this this week. So Dave has to worry about this. So he brings his hand up to defend a puma. Kick him down now, Amir, not get the strangle. [00:47:35.700] No, but what I want to do is like this kind of release and try and come up and just switch over. And I get to scramble here like this. Yeah. See Strangler's before just a different position. Yeah. So, yeah. Thank you. So when we go in here, I'm going to take three and one, everything at once is very important. When you do this, you shoot at the same time for each one to kick in just the way he moves his hand up. [00:48:06.920] And I switch my hips with. You catch this kind of. Thanks very much. Thank you. So again, one more time again, I'm going to keep stressing is very important, your attack and you have an opening, but you go in right away. Otherwise, open a window of opportunity would last for long, maybe half a second if you're lucky. A second if you're very lucky. So we don't want to admit this. All I keep this all this time comes to protect and establish a leg. [00:48:42.130] If you come here, there are many more variations of psychics and you meet and you'll probably find them if you play around yourself, but the main thing to remember, as I said, the plane points, squeezing knees together, tying off the hand, making sure that the leg underneath is always behind the head. Very, very important when you're doing attacks, which is very, very important if you're missing and you feel it's not going on. One or two things are happening. [00:49:08.560] The game doesn't have a name and you can get on or you're just deal incorrectly. And I find most of the time if I'm lacking something, that's because I'm doing it incorrectly. I'm not doing it properly and I've forgotten some of the basics. So if it's not happening for you, we're going to keep review. And I'm just to work and hopefully all will be. In conclusion, I hope you enjoyed the film and most of all, I hope you learn something from it. [00:49:37.710] The most important thing is when you practice safely, you want practice intelligently and don't harm your training partner. You need to park for another day. Sometimes I've seen people go absolutely crazy, you know, trying to get a technique going in your partner, training your partner for a couple of weeks or losing forever. So it's just not work. But make sure that you're taking all the time. You're tapping on the body first. Very important, especially if you're holding on or holding out well, you're being strangled and there's a chance that you might go unconscious. [00:50:04.680] So it's very important that you're careful and it really is. I just don't think it's worth it. I've done it before myself and I'm talking to experienced this kind of unconscious, woke up and I didn't think I was waking up for work. And it's not a good feeling, you know. So be very careful. Look through the computer. I hope you are really genuine. I hope you can learn from the people who are trying to give you an overview from different positions. [00:50:27.330] But the hands and different positions from the legs, you'll find things that are new to you. And that's what to be the be new to you. And that's good. That's excellent. But at the same time, they're probably in some other system, the digits, you know, digital or whatever. Anyway, I hope you hope you enjoyed the tape. Thank you for buying it. Thank you for being you. Will see in volume three from both. [00:50:47.920] Until then, Debuchy, the challenge is he took no look in the final seconds. Let's see if it goes. Thank you. Oh.