Caring for Your Judo Gi

Posted by Staff on Feb 23, 2020

Judo uniforms come in various styles and designs. The type and embellishment on your judo gi depend largely on your skill level. However, keeping your uniform clean and in great condition doesn’t have to be a herculean task. Most judo uniforms are made of cotton or polyester. They come in three variations including lightweight perfect for kids, middleweight for adults and heavyweight for the highly experienced instructor. Every judo gi usually has its unique tag with washing instructions. One of the most recommended ways of caring and maintaining your judo uniform is to wash in cold water and leave it to dry. This is, unarguably, the best way to get the most out of your uniform. The use of bleach to wash your uniform is not ideal. Bleach weakens the fibers in the uniform resulting in excessive wear and tear. More so, do not use fabric softener as it also makes the clothing vulnerable to wear and tear. It is however, important to note that the uniform will most likely shrink after multiple washes. Ignore the shrinkage if you’re in the market for a new uniform. But if you want it to shrink faster than before, wash the fabric at least twice in hot water So How Do You Wash Your Judo Uniform? Firstly, wash your judo uniform in cold water. If you prefer using a washing machine, then do not exceed 30 degrees Celsius. Do not add too much detergent, otherwise, you risk damage to your fabric especially when rinsed improperly. Adding more washing powder doesn’t make the solution any better and if poorly rinsed, it stimulates mold growth. To get rid of stains, soak your uniform in Oxiclean Solution. Add one cup of baking soda and one cup of white vinegar to get rid of stains and odors as well as mold. Obviously, the stains on the collar around the neck get stained easily. This is so because your body burns a lot of oil fat. So make sure you pay close attention to the stained area including the neck collar while washing. Remember to wash immediately after practice to guarantee its longevity. After washing, you may be tempted to dry your uniform in a dryer. While this is a great and faster method, it is not advisable unless you have a preshrunk uniform. The high heat from the dryer will negatively impact the quality of your fabric, causing it to shrink. This method can also cause any stain to set in. More importantly, do not wash the uniform with other fabrics. By doing so, you can avoid dye transfers to other clothes. Conclusion Regular care and maintenance will most definitely extend the life of whatever fabric you have. No matter how much care and maintenance, the right judo uniform size is important. A small uniform might be perfect initially but will no longer fit after multiple washes because of shrinkage. Make sure you lookout for a uniform that fits you perfectly.