How to tie a Judo Belt

Posted by Staff on Mar 14, 2020

How to tie a Judo Belt Hello, welcome to SAMHSA's judo today we're going to show you how to tie your belt. There are a number of rights is used, but we're going to show you the most fundamental one, so you could get to go with your judo, so this is a belt. Its called an obi, it comes in different sizes because people are different have different sizes. They also come in different colors, which signifies your grade and your ability, but doesn't matter about the color or the size, the system of turn the belt is the same. So the first thing we're going to do is take up belt off and we pick it up and try and get it even so it's as even as possible to the book through the bottom.

Now, once we've got our belts, we need to cross our jackets. Now there is always the right way or wrong way in everything. The traditional way, the right way we cross our judge over is you take the right side goes across and the left side over the top. That'S the way, you're supposed to put your belt your judo gi jacket. Sorry so right side across the left side over the top, and there you have the right crossover for your just before you tie your belt pick up your belt pick it up with your thumb and your small fingers and pick with both hands like so. The idea is that when we slide their hands together, if there's any nothing on the belt, it helps to unlock the belt. The last thing you want is that is a twist over on your on your belt, and that would be wrong. So we start from the middle slide your hands along nice and easy to make it as tight, as you want around. Your waist turn around cross your hands over swap belts and they keep sliding your hands around. So there is no knots when you come in the front. You can notice that one belt is longer than the other. It happens. Sometimes you can just adjust it a little bit and what's important is that we try to get our belt even so, when it drops on either side, it has an equal balance. So this is our belt across here. What I'd like you to do is to crush your hands over, take the left side and put over the top. This is the left side goes over. The top of the other belt tuck it in under both belts. Don'T make the mistake of tucking the belt and the one strap? This is no good, also if you're fighting. This will allow this to tighten run your waist surprisingly, how many high grades actually still tied their belts wrong, so make sure right goes underneath both belts so and then a little tug. There makes it nice and third, if you notice, my right side is higher than my left side. So, what's the way we've got to do the belt is very simple: you take. The right side goes over the left side across there and then put the belts to go underneath through the loop and point it this way. So the belts are pointing on the other side, and then all we need to do now is just pull the belt tight and that belt should drop sideways like a like a moustache really.

So when we pull the belts together is absolutely perfect, there's nothing worse than one book being long. One world being lost! To make sure, though, that when you do pull the belt, you don't pull the belt up and down like so because you disfigure the belt and it won't look right so always pull it in a straight line cross waist now the method I showed you was very Simple, that's where we grab the right with the right. The left with the left goes over the top through the loop and you push the belt across there. There is another very simple variation. This is where the left hand grabs the top belt. Your left hand, your right hand, grabs the bottom belt and then all you do is bring the bottom belt, with your right hand over the lip through the loop and put it across there. If the end result is exactly the same, but it has the same purpose. So you can go left over right over left. You have a nice perfect time bill. The low simmer got to worry about is the little crossover behind the belt. What we need to do is to put our thumb or our finger slide this along and now then you drop your belt, so it's nice and even there's not crossing the cross finishes under the belt and everything is nice and tidy. So this is a nice method of tying your belt. Its straightforward is very good for novices and beginners. Okay, now we're going to show you the second variation which stops your belt coming. Undone as much is there much tighter method, so we take the right over left. Tuck it underneath both belts, and then we have the same situation. The right side is higher than the left. Now this stuff will be going to do is take the right side, put your thumb on top of your belt and pass it in between the belt, which is sticking out. Leave enough loop here for the bottom belt to come over the top slide it through there and then all you've got to do from here is to pull the builds nice and tight. You will find this is a much tighter way of tying the belt and it won't come undone as much takes a little bit longer, but it's a much firmer way to tie the belt. Okay, we're going to show you the third variation of tanyabolt, which is in even tighter than the second one. So we do the normal time the belt right over left right, underneath both belts and then we end up in this position to pick up the right side. Put it in between the belt and this time bring the bottom belt and instead of just going through the new make sure the boat doesn't twist, make sure it's nice and even put it in between the belt again under the second belt. And then all you got to do is tighten your belt, nice and tight here and there you have another variation you will find. This is a much tighter way of tying the belt a little bit more advanced and it's good for people that want to do cutter or to demonstrations and they're really colorful for the belt to comment down during demonstration. Okay, now we're going to show you the final method of tying your belt before we start it from the middle. We crossed our jacket and slid our bill this way and put the belt on the back. This method is simply holding the belt crossing your jacket and then letting your belt hang down at a slight angle to the one side. Normally the length should be just past your jacket length unless you've got very, very long track. Jacket then obviously understand where you build. Drops so normally is the length of your belt to hold the belt tight on the side and then from here slide the belt around pass it over and when you cross it over, make sure the belt over the top. Don'T make the mistake of having the belt on top, so the book must come over the top and on here hold it and then continue in the same direction for a second spin come across here now. Look. What I do from here is to tuck my belt.

Underneath both belts as privileges shown and put back in the position where we have the right side up and the left hand down how you finish your belt is how you study and how you wish to you know to finish in this case, I'm going to come Across here through here and tighten my belt or you can use the other variations that we've just shown make sure your belts, nice and tightly around the back always check that it's nice and even your belt should not be too tight because you want to breathe and It should be absolutely perfect every time you pull your belt together, so hopefully this will help you. There are other methods, but we want you to find a way to type or which is quickly effective, doesn't waste time. And then you can continue to practice. Your judo go away and practice them. I believe a lot of people don't spend time practice inside the belt, because I'm often seeing very high grades, not tying their bells properly, so spend a few minutes. Every time you come to judo when you're practicing at home and learn how to tie your belt because it's what presents you clean, judo soon, nice judo judo man should always have a nice type. L represents his knowledge for judo, okay. That concludes us. The footage on how to tie a belt, please make sure you subscribe to our channel, because that really helps us out make sure you like us on Facebook and also follow us on Instagram. All the links will be below