3 signs you need a Freestanding Wing Chun Dummy

Aug 22, 2014

When can you tell you should have gotten a Freestanding Wing Chun Dummy?

1. Your workout area is not "set in stone"
Maybe the basement works well right now, but will you be turning it into a family room next year? Best to wait and make sure before you mount that Wing Chun Dummy stand onto the wall. A freestanding wing chun dummy is also much easier to move to your next residence.

2. You live in an apartment, or otherwise share that wall
Anyone you share a wall with will HATE YOU for banging on your muk joong at 3am in a burst of inspiration. Think about folks you might share the wall with, even if they are above or below you. You wouldn't have to use those skills next time you answer the door, would you?

3. Lack of space
In any area that lacks space, it may be nicer to have your wing chun dummy stashed away, rather than taking up a wall. On the other hand, your Mook Jung might make for the perfect design element!