Baji Chuan by Sifu Tony Chen

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"Eight Diagrams Boxing" is known for its forceful yet simple combat techniques. It is said to have originated 500 years ago in the southeast village of Chong Chow. Baji movements are short, powerful and abrupt. Because of its effectiveness in close quarters combat, Baji Quan was incorporated into the Qing's Royal protective system and has descended into the late Mao Zedong's leadership. It is currently implemented in the Taiwan's military police training (40 min.) Sifu Tony Chen was 4 times National Champion of China in traditional forms from the years of 1988 to 1992 and also earned the title of the US Kickboxing Championship. He studied kungfu since age six from his father, Grandmaster Chen Jian, who is the headmaster of the O-Mei sword system. Grandmaster Chen was the professor of Kungfu at Cheng Du Physical Eduction Academy. He was also the chief instructor of the Police Officer Academy in China. He is one of the living treasures of Chinese Kungfu.

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Baji Chuan


(No reviews yet) Write a Review