Judo - The Art of Living (Documentary transcribed)

Mar 12, 2020

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In the second half of the 19th century, Charles Darwin set out his theory of evolution, the greater overcome the lesser, the stronger displaced, the weaker leading to the survival of the fittest had roughly the same time, Jigoro Kano.
The leading figure in martial arts created judo, in which the single most important principle is the achievement of the maximum of results with a minimum of effort.
If you can learn to use the philosophy of Judo to your advantage, then you do not have to be the strongest to survive.
Our film tells the stories of different people who have been helped to live their lives through judo judo, the art of living part-1.
If you fall seven times get up eight times, Jigoro Kano, 1996 Olek Roetzel, a young and promising judoka from Moldavia took part in the Atlanta Olympic Games, although he was not amongst the medalists at those games.
Everyone agreed that he had a great future in the sport.
His life was stretching ahead of him.
He had a lovely girlfriend waiting for him at home on his return to Kishinev Olek proposed and on a sunny day in August.
The young couple were married.
Nine days later, Alex life would change forever.
They were both involved in a terrible car crash which left his young wife, dead and Olek completely blind for about two years after the accident.
I just didn't want to live, didn't want anything.
I can't tell you how grateful I am to my friends: they even slept by my side and made sure I was never alone.
Alex friends lived through this tragedy with him they spent months in the hospital at his bedside.
It was this support that gave Olek the strength to carry on vitaliy, Glick or Alex best friend is one of those who bore the brunt of those.
First years after the accident, vitaly remembers when he was moved to the main he had.
What looked like a cast around his head? That was because his upper jaw was fractured and it had to be kept a moment that would mend the doctor said that some patients with injuries that seriously died just from the pain and shock he was very badly injured.
His face looked like it had been beaten to a pulp.
He had no nose to speak of he couldn't eat, he had no teeth left, he couldn't eat, let alone laugh.
Nevertheless, we kept coming to visit to try and keep his spirit.
He wants a nut cake.
It'S just you can guess how he reacted.
What do you mean cake? He couldn't open his mouth couldn't laugh, but somehow his mood began to lighten it took six months before Olek was fit enough to leave hospital.
This young, strong man not only lost his sight completely.
He had also lost his reason for living once again.
His friends were there by his side, never leaving him even for a moment after the accident, Olek gave away his judogi, but he carried on turning up to training sessions with his friends.
Initially, he would just sit on the bench, but then his friends started asking: why are you here get changed and work out with us? Olek took the plunge and went out on the tetani.
That was what gave him a sense of hope for the future.
When we heard that there were competitions for the visually impaired, I saw the light to come back into his eyes, yeah why's that couldn't see anything but still sparkled, with a desire to compete to get to the top that his chosen sport Olek began an intensive training Program his best friend Vitaly Glick, or became his trainer and started to study the system for training visually impaired athletes.
It took Olek 18 months to realize that you'd be able to fight and take part in competitions again and not only take part, but even to beat the strongest of adversaries.
Stroman Yahoo TV when we first took part in competition.
What surprised me was that they were not only four completely blind sportsmen, but for any visually impaired judoka.
They all fought together that, if some of the competitors a decided advantage, that said it was a huge stimulus for him to beat someone who had even the remnants of cycling.
Having found a reason for living, he gave himself up entirely to judo and trained for days on end his training paid dividends.
Olek Roetzel became european and world champion.
There was one dream left a Paralympic gold, but Olek had yet more mountains to climb 25 years ago.
The Cascade Judo Club was founded in Sergey posad just outside Moscow.
Over that time the club has trained many champions and prize winners at Russian, national and international level.
The trainers at the Cascade Club are amongst the first in Russia to develop a methodology for working with preschool children.
That was how their family and judo program began.
The joint sessions for adults and young children helped them to develop common interests, a sense of partnership and to strengthen the psychological bonds between family members.
The children trained on their own twice a week and on Saturdays their parents, join them or lead to Tommy.
Very young children are accepted into the program and, since lessons take the form of clay training sessions are full of fun interest and discovery for athletes of all ages.
I love the fact that once a week the lessons involved, the parents, which gives me an additional opportunity to train with my son.
It brings us into closer contact and helps us to understand each other better.
I took Paul on a competition and I want some stripes for my belt.
The belt I've got now is not just an ordinary belt.
It'S a bit yellow at the end at the competition I did my best, but there were other boys ahead of me, but I tried my very very best it's hard when you start thinking what are you doing on the tatami at your age, you've got so much Else going on: do you really need this as well? It is important because this is where we can be together.
Children and parents will always have issues, that's natural, but we can solve them more easily.
Now, because we have a bond we didn't have before the Cascade Club regularly holds children, sporting events, festivals and, of course, competitions.
Each child receives a stripe for their belt.
After one of these events, it is a huge stimulus to try and win, but the competitions are organized so that the children get the maximum pleasure out of them, and every child comes out of it feeling a champion cost us.
Every meatus had a difficult childhood when he was five.
He was diagnosed with a rare disease.
Langerhans cell histiocytosis further research revealed that he would need an operation on his brain.
I was only a very small boy when my parents learned of my illness, but even so I decided that I was big enough to fight this and that everything was going to be all right.
I was going to be a famous sportsman.
The operation was successful and they were able to save the child's life, but tests showed that he had secondary cancers in his lungs.
He needed a course of chemotherapy that was when Costas really grew up.
He tried not to show his parents just how ill he was feeling he coped with the pain heroically and set his sights on getting better, even though the doctors were far from optimistic Costas also had another dream.
He wanted to take up judo method here, a year after the operation, the chemotherapy and everything else that we'd been through.
It was a hard decision to let my son take up judo, but we agreed because we wanted to give our boys the chance of a new start in life.
We consulted the doctors and all the specialists said.
The only form of sport that would suit Konstantinos would be judo, since the chances of being injured were relatively small.
Costas is illness kept recurring and he underwent three courses of chemotherapy in all.
The doctors warned his parents that cost us his hair would fall out, but no one expected it to happen so quickly.
On his first day, back at school after his treatment, Costas ran his hand through his hair and was amazed to find that he had unwittingly pulled out a whole handful.
He made a joke of it as a way of getting out of an embarrassing situation.
Naturally, his classmates laughed at him and when Kostas returned home after school he was mortified.
His parents took him to the hairdresser's and Costas had to have his head shaved, so suppose Pavarotti here at school, he used to say, hey guys.
What'S this, he would pull a handful of hair out as if you were doing a magic trick, but I can only imagine what my poor boy was going through and how hard it was for him to cope.
Costas made new friends in the judo dojo.
They did not laugh at him for having no hair, but immediately made him feel one of them.
One of the boys was clearly impressed and said you look like a real bodyguard if I was on the bench at the training session, watching the other boys training and suddenly I felt really bitter that I couldn't train with them.
Wladimir the trainer came up to me and said young man you've been sitting and watching us for ages.
Maybe you'd like to have a go yourself.
Of course I would.
I said.
I took my shoes off and went to join the session.
That was where I met new friends.
Judo really helped me overcome my inner fears and my weakness after my arms.
That was the time when everybody was laughing at me at school, because I was completely bored arch priest, piata la shook rector of the Church of st Nicholas lives in a small Ukrainian town of Berea Vaska a few years ago when the town was faced with a dangerous situation, father Peter count himself returning to his childhood hobby, he got out his judo gi and opened a judo dojo.
When I was appointed to this parish.
I learned that a semi criminal organization, a vicious set that is well known in Russia, had spread its tendrils to bearers of kur and was expanding its network.
Here it was carrying out its activities under the pretense of running various children's clothes back.
Then there were no organized leisure activities for the children of Berio Africa and then suddenly a number of clubs had opened up at first, the children were happy to join, but soon their parents started to worry about the children spending all their time.
At these clubs, the parents found out that their children were being used as unpaid workers and have been made to sign both in blood.
The people of biryeo Vaska did not know whom to turn to so they approached father, P, author.
None of them could have guessed.
The means father, P, otter would use to fight the leaders of this sect.
It was a hard decision, but despite criticism, the priests decided to open a judo dojo next door to the church.
I was dealing with children and children need a bit of rough-and-tumble.
I wouldn't know how to teach them sewing or handicrafts or ballroom dancing, but I'm a fighter myself.
So I was prepared to take up the fight.
I'Ve been fighting a lot of years and I love this.
You know what they say once a fighter always a fighter.
Sonya boy from his earliest childhood, fernando Mahina, devoted all his free time to judo when he joined the police force he kept up with his training schedule.
He organized judo lessons for the police force of seville.
Fernando Mahina has won a number of international competitions.
In addition to his sporting achievements, fernando has also been decorated for his police work.
In 2013, the Spanish Minister for the Interior awarded Fernando Mahina with a Service Medal which he wears despite his illness, Fernando received one of his medals for saving the lives of the workers.
During a fire at a chemical warehouse, we rushed into the scorching heat to try and save as many people as we could.
We were lucky.
We managed to save 16 people from a horrible death.
But after that two of my colleagues and I ended up in the hospital from smoke inhalation, we'd been poisoned by the fumes five years ago.
Fate altered the course of the life of this strong brave man when he was on his honeymoon.
Fernando first sent some strange changes in his body when he returned home, he was told of the terrible diagnosis which he found hard to believe.
The neurologist who was treating Fernando did not mince his words when he told him his test results.
He told me straight out without sparing my feelings, that in two years I'd be confined to a wheelchair and in five years I'd be dead.
He had only just got married and I assumed that his whole life lay ahead of him.
He had so many plans so much he wanted to achieve.
You always think your life is going to be normal, like everyone else's and then like a bolt out of the blue.
There'S this disease amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, then no one's ever heard of which means that Fernando's life has turned out to be very different from other people's.
His health grew progressively worse Fernando continued with his police work.
While he was having treatment, he hid his weakness from even his closest friends and tried to carry on as before, but he found it more and more difficult to go out on patrol.
Eventually, he had to give up any work that involved physical exertion.
When Fernando started to struggle with his duties, we decided to move him to another post and find him a desk job and the Statistics Bureau, which is where he is still working now.
Miriam fell in love with Fernando when she was just a girl.
They went out for many years before getting married.
Fernando was always a ladies man and he and Miriam split up on a number of occasions only to get together again when they understood that they needed each other and finally, Fernando who valued his freedom.
More than anything realized that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Miriam and proposed.
It was only a short time before the clouds of fate started to gather over their life together, but it is their love that helps them overcome all the difficulties they face today.
My family, Miriam and Luna are the support that keeps me going without Miriam.
I couldn't keep living with the weight of everything that I've been landed with.
I don't know what I'd do without her she's the driving force behind my life after the doctors had diagnosed Fernandez illness.
The couple decided they wanted to try for a baby miriam knew just how hard it would be for her after the baby was born, but love has to have a continuation in this life, and so their daughter Luna was born.
That was the greatest gift for Fernando Luna seemed to understand about her father's illness.
From the moment she was born Fernando, couldn't change her nappy or feed her when she grew a little older, even though nobody explained his illness to her Luna started to adapt to it and look for things that he could do with her.
She knows exactly what I can do and what her father can do.
Part two: the character Jew signifies flexibility in selecting the means of achieving victory do generally translates as way Jigoro kano intended his martial art to be not only a method of defeating an opponent, but also a means of overcoming one's own in a weakness in any situation.
In life, the parents and other inhabitants of Berio Vaska supported father peyote.
In his difficult initiative, the people got together to renovate a small room.
The local school donated some old mats.
They made their own equipment and open their dojo.
The tiny room could not accommodate everyone who wanted to join and father peyote held three training sessions a day.
Eventually, almost all the children in Berio baska came to the dojo.
It is now more than ten years since the dojo was opened.
Father, piyo, therus.
First, students are now grown up and help him to teach new generations of judo cos in Barre Alaska.
I never tried to use judo as a means of luring children into church Ida felt.
I don't know.
How can I put it? You can receive financial dividends, but you can do it like that sect that had come to our region.
They got their dividends in the form of cheap, labor or adherence.
I'Ve always followed the principle that if children like me, then they'll like the things that I realized, don't you think they'll come of their own accord.
The Spanish judo community has rallied behind Fernando Martinez fight against his illness, David Zamora, Fernando's friend and fellow judoka, offered to a range of tournament and called it.
The Mahina showdown miriam Blasco, the first Spanish woman to have won an Olympic gold for judo and visited the tournament.
When I visited the Mahina shodhan.
I was amazed how the judo world had united behind this man's story the first year.
Hardly anyone had heard about the tournament Alberto Contador, the famous Spanish cyclist, really helped by publicizing it and talking about the tournament on television and in the mass media.
After that, everyone saw the judo world uniting against this illness in order to support one of its own.
At a real low point in my life, when I felt completely alone, my friend said we're all judoka.
This battle is the longest and the hardest of your life, but we'll support you in it.
This is a real battle here, but the true friendships and support are more than I have ever experienced note.
Every sport could give you this judo is so much more than just a sport.
After the first tournament, someone had the idea of using judo as a means of spreading the word about amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.
That was how the mohena showdown developed into an annual international event.
The funds raised at the tournament were powered into ALS research, with the help of his friends.
Fernando Mahina had started to fight this illness and his example has inspired many other people before and after a showdown.
You are two different people.
He is our hero and a hero for many people.
Fernando mohena was already seriously ill when the spanish judo federation awarded him an honorary 6th dan for his contribution to judo.
While we were filming fernando asked his wife miriam to help him put on his blue judo gi for the first time in five years, he had never put on this belt before, for the first time in many years he went down to the tatami and despite the fact that Fernando finds it physically very hard to stand, he was the happiest of men with his friends that day.
This is a very moving experience.
I'Ve been ill for five years now, and this is the first time I've put on my judo gi with my 6th Dan belt, which is one of the most important Awards, and now that are back back on the tatami, where I once I feel such it's everything every Summer, cascade club members, both parents and children head off for camp, sometimes Outsiders express their surprise.
Why would anyone want to spend their hard-earned leave on a sports cap when there are so many places they could go, but the families who take part are more than convinced that this has helped them to bond as a family hard for training sessions with parents and Friends form the qualities in children that will help them to be successful in any situation in life.
One of the parents said exam fury.
If anyone had told me that ten days at camp could change me change my son and, most importantly, change our relationship.
I'D have never believed it, but it's happened that it was during the summer camp that the parents asked trainer URI Chris Rock, to set up an adult group for them.
People who had never had any experience of judo before wanted to start training when they saw what it did for their children.
That was how the Cascade Club came to open another section which gave parents the opportunity to take up a new and interesting hobby.
I didn't see anything particular in it to start with.
I just came, give them various tasks to complete, but they desire to study judo to develop their skills, as we want to learn more about judo who may apply at me to take their training sessions and their attitude to judo seriously.
He had nothing to do.
Now I plan every training session and every lesson I do when you, I write up training plans and we all develop the step by step names.
We progress.
When we take exams, we invite specialists to assess us, we take it all very seriously.
Despite their busy lifestyles.
People of all different ages and professions find the time to come to the evening training sessions.
This gives them not just the opportunity to meet other people and keep fit, but also set themselves.
New targets to aim for many have already been through the assessment process, passed their exams and been awarded their first belt yeah.
I'Ve got my orange belt and concerta starts, and still only going for the assessment for my green belt at the end of the year missing you, my son, we're training hard.
I enjoy it.
It'S a really intellectual way of keeping physically active.
A lot of men had already done it and we're going for the next level.
I decided to give it a go.
My husband's you need to set our son a good example by getting it he'll be going for his belt next year and he needs to see what his mother can achieve by training hard.
She may have started later than needed, but she can still do it.
These parents have discovered the world of Judo thanks to their children, and now they are showing them, but all great journeys start with small victories.
Judo has become the common factor that unites their family.
I discovered judo through my grandson, his parents.
My son decided to sign him up for the judo club, was our club and has a parent day on Saturdays when our trainer Olga holds joint sessions for the children and the adults.
My son asked me to go along with my grandson, so I agreed we went along together for a while, and then I found out to my surprise that there were a group for adults with special talents.
That was how I came to join in.
For me, judo is principally a means of gaining an upper hand and upper hand.
Over oneself.
Olek crystal puts everything into his preparation for the 2004 Paralympic Games in Athens.
He dreamed of winning gold and is one of the best judoka in the world.
Olek deserved it, though the previous three years he hadn't lost a single bout.
He hadn't even lost a single point.
None of his boats went the full length member all that shows.
He really was head and shoulders above the competition and that's what motivated him at the Athens Paralympic Games.
Olek was all set to win gold.
He won bout after bout with impressive throws and then came the final.
His opponent was the algerian judoka Masada Nina a strong competitor, but one that Olek had already beaten at the World Games in Canada.
The cherished Olympic gold was nearly in Alex Cross.
That was when his confidence ballooned into overconfidence.
It was his overconfidence that cost him that gold medal he took second place losing to the algerian.
It was the toughest blow he'd had to face since the accident.
Only complete concentration during about and the correct assessment of an opponent's strengths can bring victory.
After all, his winning fights whole and Kressel still needed to learn that lesson I was about to go out and I went up to the tally and said I'll make you a present of this.
That was my mistake in all my previous bouts.
I just went out onto the tatami and I never said anything like that before the fight I'll make your present of this.
The fates have punished me for that.
When I lost that final, I ended up in second, and my opponent had the gold.
It took me a couple of months before I could get over it after his defeat, and that was how he regarded his silver medal at the Athens Paralympics.
Olek started all over again ahead, lay another four years of daily training sessions.
What are you whenever he lost? He was never defeated.
Well, he always got up and tried not just to fix his mistake, but to reach Heights that he hadn't managed to get to the first time.
You can't know how to get to your feet if you've never been knocked down.
In the first place, fate has seen to it that olap has had a trip and filmed many times of the Gulf, the puddle, but every time he's gon na and stood tall after we share.
That is the core of his being it's.
What brought him to judo in the first place the Beijing Paralympic Games.
Having learned from his past mistakes, Krenzel was ready to go for gold.
He was in perfect physical shape, he was calm and he and his trainer had devised a new fight tactic.
Nothing was going to get in the way of his victory, but all his way to the final he faced a new test and this time fate would require a huge degree of self mastery from him.
The final was set for the 9th of September a fateful day for Olek ninth of September eleven years previously was the date when he had been involved in his terrible accident.
If the smoker, though September 9th 2008, it was September 9th that I had my accident wrong.
Exactly 11 years previously, when I was weighed on the 9th I came in as exactly 90 kilos, I went out and fought and reached the final finale.
The final was set for 4:00 p.m.
It was around 4:00 p.m.
that the accident took place and I was due to fight in the final at that time.
To get to the final, I had to beat the algerian the one i lost to in 2004 in Athens.
When I went out, I said nothing to Vitaly deep down.
I was saying to my son: I have to get through this, and everything seemed to go.
Catch up on, shows everything Batali and I had discussed all the tactics we plant just seemed to work.
I won cleanly.
It was a great feeling.
All my friends came up to me and lifted me up.
It was wonderful, they threw me up in the air.
Those five seconds seemed to last three or four minutes.
According to what the bulletin I was in seventh heaven, there is no words to express what I felt no words.
On the 9th of September 2008, Olek pretzel won Paralympic gold.
Exactly 11 years had passed since his accident.
As he said to his trainer and friend, I've got even with fate.
It was friendship, persistence and inner strength that helped Oleg become Paralympic champion.
It was one of the happiest moments in the lives of both Olek Roetzel and Vitaly click or Alex family were waiting for him.
Back at home, Olek had found personal happiness in life as well a few years previously he had fallen in love again and his wife Oksana had given him a son and a daughter.
If I knew anything at all, it is that, however difficult things may be in my life, I can rely on the strength of my husband, because I am sure that he will always be there to support me.
I know what true happiness is because I have two lovely children: a loving husband and close-knit family.
Today, Costas has won many national and international competitions.
Have the Greek national championships cost us every meatus 1 gold from a weak boy, worn out by his medical treatment? He has grown into a confident young man.
He has learned to win on the tatami and stand up to fate when his body learned to believe.
In its own strength, the illness gave ground.
Econo devotes chemotherapy against a new wall after the first course of chemotherapy.
I felt very weak and very unsure of myself.
That was why I wanted to take up judo.
It was judo that helped me to turn things around from a small boy who knew nothing.
I grew into a young man who knows how to survive both when I am with friends and when I am alone, I know how to control my body and my spirit.
Judo has completely changed my life.
It has really helped me, apart from the physical strength.
I'Ve also gained a number of good friends who have helped me the town of cattorini, where kostas his family lives sits at the foot of Mount Olympus when Costas was a child, his father trained him to make the ascent now Costas acts as a guide up.
The mountain paths in their free time, both father and son, love climbing to the top of Mount Olympus, Kostas, surely dreams of Olympic gold.
At these moments, maybe with his desire for victory, that dream will come true, did Mike ever visit boss.
We can hardly believe how many medals he's won.
His classmates and teachers have come to respect him.
We look at our boy who has been through so much and has to overcome his inner weakness every day, both back then, when his health was bad and now he is completely dedicated and does his utmost in everything.
Following their brothers example, Kostas, his sisters ask their parents if they could also join the judo.
Dojo leaner and despina have already won their first prizes.
It is not clear what sporting Heights these young girls will reach, but it is clear that they will grow up steadfast focused and self-confident.
The heroes of our film have refused to give in, despite seemingly insuperable odds.
We hope their experiences will help others who follow after them and choose judo as their guiding light in the art of living.