TravelEyes2 GPS Vehicle Tracking Device

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Product Overview

TravelEyes2™ is a powerful vehicle tracking device that utilizes the GPS (Global Positioning System) technology developed by the Department of Defense. With amazing accuracy, it gathers miles driven on a daily basis, maintains time for billing records and produces comprehensive reports on all vehicle travel activities. The vehicle tracking device is easy to connect and use, and can easily be concealed within any vehicle. It's ideal for the busy executive, a concerned parent with a watchful eye to track their teenager's late night activity or to track suspicious spouse, TravelEyes2™ can work for you. It's a real time and money-saver -- and in some cases, a lifesaver!

Plug it in:
TravelEyes2™ vehicle tracking device automatically gathers and stores GPS location information, showing the exact location visited by the vehicle, how long it was there, speeds en route and the time the vehicle left each location. It is easy to connect and use, and it can be placed within any vehicle.

And Drive!
TravelEyes2™ has a trip-planning feature for fast and accurate travel directions. When plugged into a laptop, it becomes onboard navigation device in real time, displaying the planned destination routes and current location. The TravelEyes2™ tracking device automatically records the vehicle’s location up to 50 hours of driving time.

Tracking Map & Report:
Upon your return, download the data onto your computer to receive an instant report for tax record or mileage billing and reimbursement, etc. The TravelEyes2™ vehicle tracking system comes with mapping software capable of producing comprehensive details (on-screen and printable) of travel activities, including:
(1)Time and Location of Stops,
(2)Speed of The Vehicle and
(3) Entire Travel Route. Sample Reports: The TravelEyes2™ software produces detailed, printable reports of your mileage and travel activities within minutes of downloading the recorded data.

The different types of detail are
(1)A Day of Travel at Work: TravelEyes2™ conveniently reports and summarizes the business travel activities of any individual by using the software reporting. Travel data includes such items as number and location of stops, duration of each stop, mileage and other daily travel data.
(2) A Personal Travel Day: This report shows a travel route that you wish your teenager or your spouse had not made in your private vehicle. But ATTI’s personal GPS vehicle tracking tells the whole truth, including identifying certain travel activities that may surprise you.

Special Features: The TravelEyes2™ device automatically records the vehicle’s location every 10 to 20 seconds-- your preference--allowing up to 50 hours of travel time. At 10 seconds you have 25 hours of travel time. At 20 seconds you have 50 hours of travel time. The location coordinates are later pinpointed on a map, which shows the exact travel route, time and duration of stops, and speed of vehicle. You can mark locations for your bank, office, home, CPA, or even schools and doctor’s offices to track other types of tax deductible miles or financial data. You can set a “Target Area Deviation” to include all stops within a certain diameter of the marked latitude and longitude coordinate. For instance, if you park on the other side of a building, or if you had to park further down the street from a jobsite or client’s office than the coordinates you entered, your stop could still be included in the target area. The TravelEyes2™ device can be carried from city to city, then downloaded when you return to your office or home, providing one report for the whole trip. In addition, you can plug TravelEyes2™ into your laptop to preview reports!


(No reviews yet) Write a Review