SPRAWL GripFlex™ - Wht/Blk

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The new SPRAWL GripFlex™ is our 5th generation fight short that gives fighters and grapplers the added dimension of grip to help secure finishing holds and counter the slippery effects of sweat. We use a flexible lightweight, non-abrasive high tech polymer fused to the inseam of the fight shorts to create ‘Grip-Zones’. We have also upgraded the fabric on the rest of the short to a lightweight 4 way stretch compared to the 2 way stretch in our previous generation short, the V-Flex™. The SPRAWL GripFlex™ provides fighters with a wide range of advantages over traditional fight shorts including comfort, flexibility for maximum kicking range and guard-work and grip to increase your probability of securing finishing holds. That is why it is undeniably the most functional fight short available and the top choice among MMA athletes, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu specialists and UFC fighters.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review