Monkey Style Kung Fu - Traditional Tai Shing Pek Kwar

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4 Volume Series.

Monkey Style Kung Fu Revealed for the first time! The secrets of traditional Tai Shing Pek Kwar, straight from Hong Kong's "Monkey King", Chan Sau Chung and his son, Chan Kai Leung! Each video shows you the authentic form, complete with multiple angles and applications for thorough understanding. Volume 1 Pek Kwar Continuous Fist - Also known as Pek Kwar Lian Huan Fist, this form arranges fighting techniques in a devastating chain of combinations. One of the basic sets of the system, this fighting form is designed to beat multiple opponents.

Volume 2 Ditang Siping Fist - Ditang Siping Fist is an advanced northern Kung Fu form that was kept secret for generations. It uses ground rolling techniques and lower body attacks that can penetrate your opponent's defenses unexpectedly in a split second.

Volume 3 Nine Continents Staff - Also known as Kau Chow staff, nine continents meant this technique was famous across the whole world in ancient China. With strong long range attack and swift short range strikes, it's useful for defending against multiple opponents in a wide area.

Volume 4 Willow Leaf Braodsword - Also known as Lau Yip Broadsword, this form attacks quickly and unpredictably, like a falling willow leaf in the wind. It was used in WWII by the Chinese Army to fend off many foreign invaders for its combat practicality and ease of learning.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review