FocusMaster G-1000 Single Station Training System

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Product Overview

The Focusmaster G-1000 is designed to take up virtually no floor space while maximizing your workout.

The steel frame structure exhibits incredible strength; standing 6 feet tall and 12 inches wide, the frame features 20 solid steel jig welded mounting studs for attaching pads and targets. One straight on target and two spring loaded targets are included with the unit to enable you to immediately create numerous training combinations.

Each target features the Lock In Tumbler System so accessory and target changes take only seconds. With the ability to change the target angle, target heights and number of targets, the combinations are endless. See the many targets and accessories (sold separately) that can be added to your Focusmaster to add excitement and versatility to your training. Simply mount the unit to your floor and wall and you are ready to train.

Colors: Red or White.

Dimensions: 6 feet tall X 12 inches wide. Currently out of stock


(No reviews yet) Write a Review