DRAGON Demo Uniforms

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Product Overview

The fit of the uniform....
Has been tested for many months and was developed by KWON
in conjunction with some of the world's best freestyle
martial arts athletes. It offers you the best in freedom
of movement.

The futuristic design...
Was developed in conjunction with one of the most renowned
and independent sport fasion design agencies and has been
enthusiastically acknowledged and accepted by all involved

Talking about innovation...
These demo uniforms are made of 100% dry-fit polyester,
which wicks moisture away from your body while enhancing
ventilation to keep you cool and dry. Sweat gets quickly
absorbed and transferred to the outher shell of the material
where it can easily evaporate. Therefore the material hardly
sticks to the skin during or even after a hard workout.

Outstanding and bold look....
The DRAGON uniforms are designed for fast, high performance
martial arts styles and they guarantee a perfect appearance.
They look even better when in action ...

Design elements....
The DRAGON uniforms feature a large screen-printed Dragon on
the left side of the top and on the left pant leg. KWON lettering
embroidered on the left chest and KWON fist design embroidered on
the back side of the collar.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review